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Author Topic:   Teacher Goes Berserk After Abuse by Student
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11-06-2018 7:53 PM

A California teacher went berserk in a classroom and clobbered a 14-year old student. Here's the video, see what you think (it's only sideways for the first few seconds):

That wasn't the only video of the incident, go to YouTube and search for "marston riley student" to find other clips.

Who to side with? This seems a tough one to me. I'm against violence, but the student threw a basketball at the teacher and repeatedly called him a nigger and just wouldn't relent. There is such a thing as "fighting words" (the Supreme Court has ruled on this and "fighting words" are not protected speech because their intent is to incite), and calling a black person a nigger in the agressive and relentless manner shown in this video certainly seems to qualify as "fighting words" to me. On the other hand, this was just a 14-year old student.

The teacher is receiving a great deal of support from both teachers and students, both moral and financial. One teacher set up a GoFundMe page: A teacher allegedly beat up a student who called him the n-word. Now he’s an $85,000 GoFundMe hero.


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