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Author Topic:   Christianity Needs to Return to Being a Good Example
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11-23-2018 11:49 AM

In order to survive, Christianity needs more people like this guy:

Benjamin Sledge - Let’s Stop Pretending Christianity is Actually Relevant, Okay?

This guy gets it:

"It’s quite strange to expect people to conform to your morals because you quoted a book they don’t read."

The Bible isn't special.
Morals don't come from the Bible. The Bible simply holds a decent collection of some pretty good morals.
Large groups of populations will never be gullible enough to believe it is something they must respect just because some die-hard followers say so.

But living good is special.
And if you live good, others will notice. And they will want to know how to be more like you.
At that point, you can tell them why you're the way you are - Jesus Christ.

Then they can agree or not.
Maybe they'll live good in another way. You on your terms, and them on theirs.
Maybe they'll convert to Christianity, who knows.

But, because of the internet and the destruction of ignorance and gullibility (good things,) this is the only way for a religion to survive in the modern world.

Gone are the days of forcing your views on others and expecting to be respected simply because some words escaped your mouth:

Missionary Killed by Isolated Island Tribe

These sorts of tactics only do damage to the religion they are attached to.
They are seen as what they are - nothing more than arrogance on the part of the missionary. People's pity and remorse are held for the people who didn't want any interference in the first place. Everyone knows that "bringing God" to such a group of people in such a way does not help them - it only destroys them.

What do you think?
Should Christianity continue to try and force itself on anyone and everyone they can?
Or should Christianity go back to it's roots and try to provide a good example and gain whatever social growth is possible that way?

Suggested forum -> Faith and Belief

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11-23-2018 1:40 PM

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