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Author Topic:   Will Trump honor Kayfabe?
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03-07-2019 12:57 AM

It looks like there is some serious prison time coming to some of the people who joined his campaign.

(Manafort comes to mind, and one should see his LIFE-ENDING example as especially shocking due to the fact that none of his past crimes would have been noticed by anybody of legal import had he not caused the spotlight to shine on himself by JOINING THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN)

Many (mainstream) conservative (as well as moderate) columnists, in 2016, liked to theorize about the "mysterious" and "secret" phone call he made to Hillary Clinton in the Spring (?) of 2015, and the implication is that he was running to, perhaps, bring the Republican party toward an extreme anti-immigration cast which would help Hillary win.

(Even a year after Trump defeated Clinton, Kathleen Parker said Trump was a secret supporter of Bernie Sanders type policies, and the growing number of Democratic Senators supporting Medicare-For-All was a deliberate plan of Trump all along)

Michael Cohen just said that Trump did not expect to win the Republican primary nor did he expect to win the general election (even after winning the primary).

Trump actually favors a comprehensive immigration deal, which EVERYBODY knows is the best way to protect "illegal immigrants" from deportation

(taking the various immigration issues in a separate line by line manner would mean that there would be a much higher political difficulty/impossibility involved when one attempts to protect the hated "illegals")

Business Insider has a transcript showing Trump's support for comprehensive immigration reform.


Kathleen Parker is a respected, mainstream media, center-right columnist.

She clearly has expressed the conspiratorial view when it comes to her analysis of Trump's mind.


Kathleen Parker

How Democrats Won The Presidency

September 15, 2017

Rarely, if ever, have so many presidential winners and losers been so incessantly chatty.

Hillary Clinton — who lost the 2016 election, in case you weren't sure — is on a book tour with her campaign memoir, "What Happened." (Hint: She's a woman, the Comey letter.)

President Trump — who is still campaigning despite having won — is chatting up Democrats to try to get something done. Anything! By week's end, he was recanting every mean thing he ever said about illegal immigrants and was softening his vow to send "dreamers" (children brought here by their parents) back to their point of birth.


Finally, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who lost the Democratic nomination to Clinton, is still running and still ranting about Medicare for everyone. Given the likely eventuality of a single-payer health-care system, he and Larry David may as well take a victory lap. It's beginning to seem that Sanders won after all. As did the Democrats.

On the losing side are the Republicans who put their faith in a guy who promised the moon but has managed only to deliver a galaxy of tweets and several significant staff replacements. Trump the Republican was always a strain to credulity, but people can make themselves believe just about anything, as thousands of years of ritual sacrifice and snake dances confirm. Trump the salesman has always known this, either instinctively or as the result of his first successful con.

There are two things to know about con artists: One, they're having fun; two, once a bluffer tastes the sweet satisfaction of scamming a sucker — one's born every minute, you know — he can't stop. Once The Donald realized people would buy his brand of unction, he couldn't resist. No matter what he said or did, people of good (and not so good) faith donned their protective glasses and refused to see.

Trump was never ideologically driven, though he did surround himself with ideologues as helpmates. Or were they the biggest suckers of all?


Maybe he gets his wall in the process, maybe not. But what seems increasingly clear is that, while Clinton tries to purge her demons by explaining how she lost, Trump is busy fashioning a perfect world for Democrats to prevail. Which is to say, he may get more accomplished for the Democratic Party than Clinton could have with a Republican-dominated Congress.

Consider: Immigration reform is beginning to look a lot less draconian and a lot more pope-ish. Bannon, a Catholic, notably remarked during a recent "60 Minutes" interview that the church has been "terrible" on immigration, encouraging forgiveness rather than wall-building, because, he said, it needs illegal immigrants to fill the pews. Such a charmer, that one.

Also, the wall is not, in fact, getting built, though repairs are currently being made to existing wall-like structures. Ditto health care, which, instead of being repealed and replaced, likely will be an Obamacare fix, followed by the single-payer system that Democrats wanted all along and that Trump supported before he became a "Republican."

Thus, it would seem that Democrats really won the election and that Trump, despite his faux-angry campaign promises, is a pretty good Democrat after all. Congratulations, Mr. President, on your best performance yet. Congratulations are also owed to former president Obama, whose chief legacy survives. Congratulations, Sen. Sanders: Your day is nigh.


Now the Kayfabe part.

What is Kayfabe?

It is relevant when one acts but does not (must not) admit they are acting.

It means somebody sticks to a script and does not admit that one is faking something.

But it could get difficult simply because Trump could be in legal trouble someday due to his political career (though much of the trouble might involve unrelated past issues alongside his false statements and obstruction and witness tampering).

Think about it.

Trump could then make the case that James Comey and others in Justice were motivated to go after him because of his anti-immigration public positions (Comey actually quoted, on his Facebook page, Emma Lazarus' poem while - at the same time - making a legal argument against Trump's conduct in the meeting that caused him to write his memo). So he could show that the motivations themselves were not only (possibly) illegal/unethical but were in fact totally ironic and ignorant because he actually felt we should "leave borders behind".

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03-07-2019 1:49 AM

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