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Author Topic:   What if we were made in order to worship the Logos, Jesus Christ
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07-25-2019 9:25 PM

Despite a lot of evolutionists being fascinated with the evolution of mankind, it seems harder to find evolutionists that are concerned with the evolution of worship.

One of the only things that separates us from other species is our profound ability to worship and to religiousize existence.

What if we were created to worship a deity? What if that deity was the Word Incarnate, the Logos, Jesus Christ?

Over 2000 years ago a poor Jewish carpenter's son called the world to a whimsical way of love, of loving without fault, and he claimed ownership of the entire Jewish religious tradition, a uniquely recorded religion of monotheism.

Could it be that this Christ is the target of worship and that the Creator of the Universe had created us to worship?

Is worship the highest calling of man and the most meaningful? If it is, then is the most meaningful God, Jesus Christ? Is our greater meaning and evolutionary purpose to worship Him?

There is no evolutionary explanation with significant evidence of the speech and language mechanism.

Were we given language to worship, to ultimately worship the greatest object of worship, Jesus Christ?

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