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Author Topic:   Natural remedies for this and that
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08-22-2019 6:34 PM

Shingles, Meniere's, Cold Sores, Allergies
Cold Sores

A few months ago I kept ending up in the ER because of intense pain in my left side they couldn't diagnose. After four trips to the ER finally a doctor identified a pale rash he thought was shingles although it was paler than the usual case and had no blisters. Even with that diagnosis it took a while to get the right meds to deal with it. Gabapentin cut way down on the pain. But then recently a neighbor told me she uses the enzyme L Lysine when she starts to get shingles symptoms. So I've started taking that and it's better than Gabapentin, reduces the pain even further, doesn't completely eliminate it but makes it very tolerable.

Then my brother told me that L Lysine is on the list of meds he's been taking for his Meniere's disease, the disease of the inner ear that causes extreme dizziness and vomiting and interferes with normal routines to the point that it keeps people housebound. Then he discovered that a former sufferer had done the research and claimed to cure her own case of Meniere's with diet and supplenents so my brother started following the advice in her book ("Meniere's Whisperer" by Mary Kay Carr) and hasn't had a bout of dizziness in over a year. Again, L Lysine is part of the regime he's on, because Meniere's like shingles has a herpes component which L Lysine treats. It's also good for cold sores (though I think carrot juice is better for that myself).

So then I read up on allergies since AZ said he has a bad case of allergies. If you haven't tried any of the alternative stuff, AZ, here's some of the advice: I never heard of butterbur but it's high on the list. Also nettles. Also quercetin. Here, you can read one of the links:


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08-22-2019 6:47 PM
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08-22-2019 6:34 PM

Well, thank you, M'Lady, for the kind concern. I will look into this.

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08-23-2019 12:37 PM
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08-22-2019 6:34 PM

Re: Shingles, Meniere's, Cold Sores, Allergies
Faith writes:

I never heard of butterbur....

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