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Author Topic:   The Godhead (Holy Trinity) is a Metaphor for the Atom
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08-11-2020 11:39 PM

For centuries, Christians have struggled to grasp what the meaning of the Godhead (Holy Trinity) is. Many conclude that the Trinity simply cannot be understood and therefore, any attempts to provide an explanation should be shunned. Some even go as far as to claim that the Trinity does not exist.

The reason the Trinity is such a mystery is simple. Truth is most often too difficult to receive. Such is the case with the Trinity. The Bible gives an extremely clear and concise definition of the Trinity, and it even provides it in a single beautiful verse…

Romans 1:20
“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

Now one may say to themselves, “I don’t get it”. “How is this a clear and concise definition of the Trinity?” That is because the interpretation of the above verse has been censored and hidden from public view. If you are reading this, consider yourself fortunate. This information has been deleted from many forums already.

Not only does Romans 1:20 provide an explanation as to what the meaning of the Godhead is, it also provides irrefutable Scientific proof of the existence of God Almighty (hence the censorship) by demonstrating that the Godhead is what Modern Science calls Atoms.

Is this Blasphemy? No.

This is encoded information describing the most intimate details of Particle Physics that has no business being in a book thousands of years old… yet there it is for all the world to see. The SETI Signal has been sent. Who can receive it?

This thread will provide detailed explanations as to how and why the Godhead represents the Atom. We will begin by breaking down Romans 1:20 into individual parts so that we may expand on each point.

Invisible Things of Him

The ‘invisible things’ of God are invisible not because they are too tiny to observe, but because they exist outside of our Space/Time Continuum. Call it the Spirit World, where God dwells, the ‘other side’. It is all the same.

However, just because we are not able to see the invisible things of God, that does not mean we cannot understand them. The Word of God provides us with some clues…

John 1:1
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

The Word of God existed before anything else, even before our Universe was created. Simply put, God was information. This information eventually manifested itself into matter to form everything we see around us. Those that are familiar with the movie ‘The Matrix’ may recall a similar concept in the form of a Simulation…

Much like an Operating System or Software Program, the Word of God provides the necessary framework from which our entire reality is built upon…

Hebrews 11:3
“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

If there ever were a verse describing living in a Simulation, Hebrew 11:3 nails it.

From the Creation of the World

The above phrase puts us at the moment just before Genesis 1:1. Right at the beginning. The Word of God ‘Software Code’ has begun to manifest into the interactive world we all exist in now.

Are Clearly Seen

Now this almost sounds contradictory. How can we clearly see the ‘invisible things of him’? The answer is provided in the next statement…

Being Understood by the Things That Are Made

This phrase is crucial to understanding the entire verse. We can see God and his Word simply by observing the ‘things that are made’. In other words, we see God every time we see the Matter that makes up our reality. God is literally in all and through all…

Ephesians 4:6
“One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.”

Even (in other words)

The word ‘even’ here may be confusing to those that are not familiar with how the King James Bible interprets words. The word ‘even’ in this context should be understood as to mean ‘in other words’ or ‘i.e.’.

His Eternal Power and Godhead

The word Godhead is what Christians call the Holy Trinity. What we have just pieced together here is astonishing. The verse is clearly stating that everything we see, all the matter around us that makes up the Universe, is made up of something the Bible calls the Godhead. And because the Godhead is made of three individual components, we can deduce that the most likely Scientific Term for the Godhead is what Particle Physicists call Atoms.

And there you have it! The word Godhead in the Bible is what we call Atoms. It is what God uses to manifest himself so that we may clearly see the invisible things of him.

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 Message 2 by AdminPhat, posted 08-12-2020 1:34 AM Base12 has not yet responded

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08-12-2020 1:34 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Base12
08-11-2020 11:39 PM

Impressive Formatting But Not Yet Promotable
Greetings Base12. As the creationist/believer moderator, it is my job to consider any proposed new topic for EvC Forum. I took a good look at your website and the conclusions that you have drawn from studying the KJV and I will say that if nothing else I am impressed with your formatting skills and ability to make your website look somewhat professionally done.

That being said, I am not yet inclined to promote you without allowing myself and the other members a chance to know you better. We generally only respond to the philosophies and claims of someone whom we know and not simply any random spammer that hops on to our website.
You and I can discuss this PNT and in so doing I can make a better determination as to how well you will allow yourself to interact with our members here and whether you will stick around and learn from them also as well as endure the sharp gauntlet of criticism which you will inevitably get from them. So first...some questions.

  • Truth is most often too difficult to receive.
  • You will be asked why it is that we should trust that you have embraced and/or received a truth which is too difficult for us to receive. Explain why it is that we have difficulty receiving it if it is found in any Bible?

  • Now one may say to themselves, “I don’t get it”. “How is this a clear and concise definition of the Trinity?” That is because the interpretation of the above verse has been censored and hidden from public view. If you are reading this, consider yourself fortunate. This information has been deleted from many forums already.

  • You will be asked why the other forums deleted you. You will be asked why this information which you have been taught is being censored. You will be asked why you believe that you received it and were meant to teach and share it.

    Help me out and answer these questions honestly. I will say that though critics will charge you with simply making stuff up, I am personally impressed with your style of presentation and have one question for you:
    Did you learn this all on your own Bible time or is this something that you were taught by another individual or organization? (Be honest)

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     Message 1 by Base12, posted 08-11-2020 11:39 PM Base12 has not yet responded

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