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Author Topic:   Americans supporting handgun ban down to 19% (was 60% in 1959)
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12-27-2021 11:48 PM

See Megan Brenan, Nov 17,2021 for recent polling.

Gun control is loosing its political muscle. Independents are 57% in support of either keeping gun laws the same, or making them weaker.

(Still, 52% want tougher gun laws, due to 91% Democratic support, but it is historically low)

I was shocked to find out that the Republican Lincoln Chafee is now a gun rights supporter.

There were 5 liberal-moderate Republicans in the 1996 to 2001 period:

Susan Collins, of Maine

Olympia Snow of Maine

Jim Jeffords of Vermont

John/Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island

Arlene Specter of Pennsylvania

The Maine Senators opposed the assault weapons ban, but I think the others supported it (I'm not 100% sure).

Now Lincoln Chafee is pro gun-rights.

So even the northeastern moderates, of yesterday, are pro-gun.

This cant be good news for Democrats.

(Support for handgun ban dropped to 19% today, while it was 25% a year ago. Most Americans supported the outright ban for decades, when modern polling began in 1959.)

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Posts: 2092
Joined: 12-22-2015

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01-01-2022 5:45 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by LamarkNewAge
12-27-2021 11:48 PM

Quinnipiac has a poll showing more Americsns opposed to tougher gun legislation
It is 49 to 46 opposition among registered voters.

49 to 45 opposition among all Americans.

So support for tougher gun laws is about equal to those who want laws weaker or the same.

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 Message 1 by LamarkNewAge, posted 12-27-2021 11:48 PM LamarkNewAge has not yet responded

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