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Author Topic:   Mendel's Accountant
Brad McFall
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07-01-2008 7:40 AM

ICR has just announced a new free tool called, “Mendel’s Accountant”.

I plan on downloading it and trying it out.

Larry Vardiman said,

“Evolutionary genetic theory has a series of apparent "fatal flaws" that are well known to population geneticists, but that have not been effectively communicated to other scientists or the public. These fatal flaws have been recognized by leaders in the field for many decades--based upon logic and mathematical formulations. However, population geneticists have generally been very reluctant to openly acknowledge these theoretical problems, and a cloud of confusion has come to surround each issue.”

Seeing that the program contains,

data including: deleterious and beneficial mutation counts per individual
and other types as output, I was wondering if the output to Mendel’s Accountant is intended to alleviate the flaws claimed for evolutionary theory.

What I am wondering is, is if the new program will really help population genetics better divide environmental variance, but perhaps this is not what the flaws were seen to be.

For me the complaint against Darwin has to be that he dismissed special creation so I am uncertain as to how this program really is to make changes in the way the concept of evolution itself has been thought.

Any thoughts on this new work from Sanford, Baumgardner, Brewer, Gibson and ReMine?

Can it be used to challenge Neo-Darwinism?

Can it become useful for instance in developing Waddington’s critique of Neo-Darwinism??

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07-01-2008 9:14 AM

Thread copied to the Mendel's Accountant thread in the Biological Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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