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Author Topic:   Question on the Oort cloud.
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11-25-2007 6:36 AM

As a bit of testing for myself, I've had a look at whats called the evolution cruncher.. Basically its a pretty large list of misinformation, straw mans and just plain lies.

So I'm slowly working my way through it, knowing that a lot of the questions asked by new creationists will probably come from this "cruncher".
And I come upon the question about the oort cloud..
So I've been looking over the internet about the oort cloud but I can't really find any solid information..

Theres little bits of data here and there, can anyone point me to a book or article that seems to have more precise and conclusive data on it.. Most pages I visit give a lot of "we aren't really sure, but it might indicate or might prove" without any backing real information.

Can anyone help me out with this one ?

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 Message 2 by AdminPD, posted 11-25-2007 7:26 AM Zucadragon has responded

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11-25-2007 7:26 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Zucadragon
11-25-2007 6:36 AM

This is more of a quick question than a debate topic.

See the link for quick questions in the purple box below.


Usually, in a well-conducted debate, speakers are either emotionally uncommitted or can preserve sufficient detachment to maintain a coolly academic approach.-- Encyclopedia Brittanica, on debate

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     Message 1 by Zucadragon, posted 11-25-2007 6:36 AM Zucadragon has responded

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     Message 3 by Zucadragon, posted 11-25-2007 8:16 AM AdminPD has not yet responded

    Member (Idle past 2143 days)
    Posts: 61
    From: Netherlands
    Joined: 06-28-2006

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    11-25-2007 8:16 AM
    Reply to: Message 2 by AdminPD
    11-25-2007 7:26 AM

    Ahhh, didn't see that, thank you for that link, I shall ask my question there ^^

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     Message 2 by AdminPD, posted 11-25-2007 7:26 AM AdminPD has not yet responded

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