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Author Topic:   Lying For Darwin Award
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02-02-2007 9:32 PM

I was wondering if it's ok for me to start a Lying For Darwin Award of the Month thread each month.

Actually, I am not wondering that, but just parroting nonsense on another thread, but considering the number of instances of lying for Darwin, I nominate an oldie but favorite in the venerated person of Haeckel who created one of the more effective arguments for Darwin by manufacturing faked data, and having mainstream evos use that data and various ideas related to him for well over 100 years.

Heck, various Biogenetic law claims are still sort of floating around and were standard fare in one form or another up till not so long time ago.

To what degree, I wonder, do we credit the evo fundies with perpetuating this lie. Did they do so knowingly or merely should have known?

Were evo fundies just dupes or should they have known better?

who's next?

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02-02-2007 9:39 PM

I'm not sure that I'm authorized to promote Showcase threads, Rand, but I would like to see it promoted.

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 Message 3 by randman, posted 02-02-2007 9:45 PM AdminBuzsaw has taken no action

Suspended Member (Idle past 4138 days)
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Joined: 05-26-2005

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02-02-2007 9:45 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by AdminBuzsaw
02-02-2007 9:39 PM

I think it's automatically promoted so anyone can respond anyway, if given permission to post on Showcase, and I don't mind if anyone, even those I wouldn't want on most threads, to be able to post on this thread.

Note: Some threads are weightier and so I think need to be restricted to evos willing to discuss the topic.

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 Message 2 by AdminBuzsaw, posted 02-02-2007 9:39 PM AdminBuzsaw has taken no action

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