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Author Topic:   Is ID a necessary and logical inference?
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12-06-2006 11:54 PM

Let's back up a minute to the creation of matter, energy, etc,......There are 2 options.

Either everything formed from nothing on it's own, or it formed as a result of a cause, and more than that, an Intelligent Cause that created the order that exists in the universe. I submit that Darwinism exagerrated the random claims of evolution, whether macroevolution is true to not, and rests in a lot of ways on the first belief, and as such, is illogical and most likely false from a scientific perspective.

I also submit it it more logical to assume a first Intelligent Cause, a Creator or creative force, and so the view that science shoukld ignore this places science in the position of Darwinists in reducing science into an exercise in denial of truth, logic, reason and substitutes a sort of brainwashing, ignoring reality in favor of ideology. The simple fact is it is more reasonable to think the universe has a Creator or some creative force than to think it sprang from nothing on it's own.

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