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Author Topic:   What scientists?
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12-18-2006 8:26 PM

Pilate__Judas has recently presented a list of quotes by famous scientists, who disdain evolution. The thread can be found Message 101

This list is found in all sorts of forms all over the web. I would like this thread to be dedicated to deconstructing this list, determining where phrases have been taken out of context and scientists misquoted. I will start. Here is a list of all the authors I was able to find information for. A number of them are not even biologist, nor does their field even really have anything to do with biology. They are simply fellow scientists commenting disdainfully on a neighboring scientist's field. Not uncommon, really, I hear biologists mock the vapid theoretics of string-theorists all the time, without really knowing what it is they are mocking. And some of these people aren't even scientists.

Let's look at the authors of the quotes for a second (sources are Wikipedia, general websearches, author's homepage, institution department from scientific articles) I listed their research interest where it could be found.
Steven J. Gould- Evolutionary Biologist (Notice he is still an evolutionist, and none of his quotes intend to throw out evolution as a theory)
John Ambrose Fleming - Electrical Engineer (Radar and photo-tubes)
Henry Lipson - Physicist (Crystallography and X-ray Diffraction)
Norman MacBeth - LAWYER
I.L. Cohen- Methematician 1 or Engineer 2
W.R. Thompson- Biologist, entomologist
James Conant- Chemist
T.N. Tahmisian- Physiologist
Louis Agassiz- Zoologist, Glaciologist
Quote from Wikipedia

Agassiz is remembered today for his work on ice ages, and for being one of the last prominent zoologists to resist Charles Darwin's theories on evolution (an attitude he would not relinquish for the rest of his life)

Peter Mora- geophysicist earthquakes
Stanley Joki- Phd in Physics and Theology- Benedictine PRIEST
Tony Hughes and David Lambert- Evolutionary Genetics
Kenenth Hsu- geologist
George Simpson- Biologist (His quote seems to refer to extraterrestrial research)
Lucy Mathews, Immunobiologist?
Pierre-Paul Grasse- Evolutionist
Michael Denton- Biochemist, Former Discovery Institute member, apparently now a supporter of evolution (though still an IDer?)

Some were not included because I was not able to turn up any information on them. I was honest, I did include those few authors who were disdainful of evolution and were from evoutionary fields. Now the list of "converted scientists" is less than half what these lists claim. And I have not yet gone into which of the remaining half of biologists have been misquoted or taken out of context.

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You hear evolutionist says we are descedant from apes and monkees. Sure, but that's not the point. All of life is related, not just human's with monkees. If you hug a tree, you're hugging a relative, a very distant relative, but a relative nonetheless." Dr. Joan Roughgarden in Evolution and Christian Faith

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12-18-2006 8:29 PM

Thread moved here from the Proposed New Topics forum.

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12-18-2006 9:43 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by platypus
12-18-2006 8:26 PM

your link should be to Message 101 not Message 91 yes?

Steven J. Gould- Evolutionary Biologist (Notice he is still an evolutionist, and none of his quotes intend to throw out evolution as a theory)

The quote "mined" by the creatortionista website was:

Message 101
"Paleontologists [fossil experts] have paid an exorbitant price for Darwin's argument. We fancy ourselves as the only true students of life's history, yet to preserve our favored account of evolution by natural selection we view our data as so bad that we almost never see the very process we profess to study."

I will bet this comes from his work on punctuated equilibrium -- where he is arguing that the fossil record does not show gradualist evolution, but periods of stasis interspersed with short periods of more rapid evolution -- before even going to the original source given:

*Steven Jay Gould, The Panda's Thumb (1982), pp. 181-182

Thus it is not doubt about evolution but about a steady rate of evolution.

The others will be similar.

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12-19-2006 1:55 AM
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12-18-2006 9:43 PM

Thanks RAZD, did not know how to link to a specific message, so I had it linked to the url. Now its fixed.

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