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Author Topic:   A 'curse' from God
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11-28-2002 12:40 PM

On passing a church yesterday my eyes were drawn to this massive poster in front of the church, it declared 'The Gift from God is Eternal Life.'

Then i got to thinking, what if you didnt want to accept the gift, surely we are perfectly entitiled to decline the offer of a gift from anyone if we wanted to?

The thing is we cannot refuse God's 'gift' of eternal life, we have it whether we want it or not. I personally would rather not live forever, I cannot think of anything more boring.

Apparently we can refuse to live forever with God, chillin out on big fluffy clouds in Heaven, but the alternative is being toasted forever in Hell. This hardly seems like a 'gift' at all, more like a threat to me, either believe in God or suffer forever in hell!

Is eternal life a gift or a curse?


Remembering events that never happened is a dangerous thing!

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 Message 2 by doctrbill, posted 12-01-2002 10:18 AM Brian has not yet responded

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12-01-2002 10:18 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Brian
11-28-2002 12:40 PM

Originally posted by Brian Johnston:
Is eternal life a gift or a curse?

It's a metaphor; - Like "lifetime guarantee," which doesn't mean your lifetime but rather the lifetime of the product.

When Jesus talked to his disciples about the investments they had made in his Cause, he promised that they would -

A. - get back a hundred times more than they had invested.

B. - would become governors, ruling the twelve tribes.

C. - and would receive eternal life.

Sounds pretty good eh?

"Stick with me and you will become rich governors for life."

Jesus then adds a note of caution, saying that the chain of command will be rearranged. [good soldiers don't always make good governors]

Too bad it didn't work out for them. They were, instead, hunted down like rabble rousing patriot dissidents. But then again, that is what they were isn't it?

text: - Matthew 19:28-30


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 Message 1 by Brian, posted 11-28-2002 12:40 PM Brian has not yet responded

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