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Author Topic:   Venus to cross the sun
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05-10-2004 3:33 AM

On June 8 Venus will be seen from earth to pass directly in front of the sun. This is a rare celestial event which hasn't happened since Queen Victoria sat on the throne of England. Scientists say it will cause a near infinitesimal fading of the light from the sun. If this fading of the sun can be detected it will help scientists to determine the composition of the atmospheres of planets circling other stars.

For more information, see transit-of-venus.org or read this article from the UK's Independent News.

Sadly (for me), this event will not be viewable from America. You'll need to be in Europe, Africa or Asia to see it. In Japan or Australia you can catch a brief glimpse.

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05-10-2004 9:51 AM
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05-10-2004 3:33 AM

Would it not be great to see it at Much Hoole, England?


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 Message 1 by berberry, posted 05-10-2004 3:33 AM berberry has not yet responded

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