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Author Topic:   Should we teach both evolution and religion in school?
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05-04-2010 7:22 PM

How can we teach both evolution and religion in school when they seemingly conflict so much with one another? I found the video below on Derren Browns website today, and it pretty much shows the incorrect way to go about it, ie showing only only side of the spectrum. Should there be an age limit for the listener to logically and intelligently be given the 'facts' on both sides, before they choose in what to believe? You can argue that 'getting them early' is one of the biggest ways all religions are able to gain followers.. but the video below is a very sad thing indeed! Surely this should not be even legal.. :-
Same video at the Derren Brown website:
I believe religion should not be taught until a much older age than what is shown above, although im sure many may disagree.
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05-06-2010 5:39 AM

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