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Author Topic:   Backup SMS for Android
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09-04-2011 4:40 AM

Apolsoft (一本无码字幕高清在线,泷泽萝拉无码,秋霞在线看片无码免费,最新高清无码专区) is a proud supporter of spam!
Spam Android SMS Transfer is the only smart andriod SMS backup and managment software. It is an application designed for cellphones running android system. It allows you to transfer and backup your SMS messages between android phone and desktop computer. I think all android users should own such a powerful android SMS backup manager, because it is a rare good software.
It can help you:
- Backup and save all your android phone SMS to computer
- View and edit exported text message on computer
- Restore SMS from computer to android phone
- See the SMS which you want to print by preview window
- Transfer SMS into .db file and print it on computer
- PC manage tool support txt,excel,csv export
- Support Android 2.1/Android 2.2/Android 2.3
- Support unlimited SMS backup&restore
- Export SMS to .db file on computer
- Fast backup and restore speed
- Easy to use
more: http://spamwww.spampolsoftspamington.spam/
Enjoy it
Edited by AdminModulous, : No reason given.
Edited by Admin, : Trying a new technique. I put the link to the website back in, and now in web searches it will be associated with spam. Don't yet have a good feel for whether this is a good idea or not.

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