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Author Topic:   Genesis 1:1-5 — Day One
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05-04-2012 11:44 PM

The Light was Good
Why was there no light when the Earth was made?
Surely the Evolutionists will tell you that the Sun was first to form and from it the planetsall as part of the continuation of the 'Big Bang' movement. But does this really make sense? Does it make sense that light would first exist before it had anything to illuminate?
Of course not! As the opening passages of Genesis tell us, Earth was first made; after was made the light (though not yet the Sun, Moon, or Stars). Imagine the light existing first in the absence of anything. What do you imagine...?
There can be no light without something for it to illuminate. So in the beginning, there was nothing. Then the Earth was formed. Only then could light existbefore this time it would simply be called 'darkness'. Light was created to shine down and illuminate a world in creation (previously dark: Gen 1:2). It was created to demarcate time (Gen 1:5).
Earth was not made from the light, but light made for the Earth.
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05-05-2012 2:28 AM

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