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Author Topic:   Homosexuality and Evo, Creo, and ID
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03-24-2014 2:41 PM

So if homosexuality doesn't fit into evolution why is it here at all? Wouldn't it have been evolved out by now?
Is homosexuality a choice or is it some biological process. If it is a biological process it should have been eradicated by evolution right?
If it is not a biological process and a result of choice and environment then it shouldn't be protected under the law any more than any other choice/environment option (like say vegetarianism). So which side does it fall under and what are the scientific and lawful implications?
I put forward several studies that have been done that show homosexuality is more by choice and environment and falls under a mindset rather than a biological imperative or being of genetic origin:
Science Shows That Homosexuals Are Not "Born That Way."
What are your thoughts, counter evidence (but not inflammatory or insulting responses)?
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03-24-2014 3:00 PM

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