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Author Topic:   Are you a mutant? x man? Can you drink milk?
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05-29-2014 6:06 AM

Well the ability to digest milk in adulthood is new. Over 70% of the world adult population cant do it. It is basically toxic to them.
over 8000 years ago no one could do it, until they invented cheese it has a reduced amount of lactose in it, Giving a small mutation a chance. It allowed some to digest lactose even in adulthood, and the mutation spread trough EUROPE, the mutation did particularity well the more north you go in Europe, for obvious reasons as you get more nourishment from the cheese. Its also how we whiteys became white more milk you can drink more vitamin D the less melanin you need to make your own.
Archaeology: The milk revolution | Nature source
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05-29-2014 9:00 AM

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