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Author Topic:   New cosmology model without a Big Bang
Blue Jay
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02-10-2015 7:01 PM

Hi, everybody!
It's been awhile since I've posted. There are a lot of new faces avatars here, but I still recognize a good number of you.
Anyway, one of my wife's Facebook friends posted an article about some new research calling into question the reality of the Big Bang. It was a Glenn Beck article, so I fully expected that it was just some cranks and their conspiracy theories, but there's apparently something to this. Indeed, there are some physicists who have proposed a model of cosmology that eliminates the "singularities" from Big Bang Theory and doesn't require dark matter, and it postulates an infinite universe with no beginning.
Here's a link at This is all beyond me, so all I can do is wait while the cosmologists debate it among themselves. But, I was hoping the EvC community could talk us through this and give us non-cosmologists some insight into how this model is supposed to work and whether or not it has merit.

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02-10-2015 8:35 PM

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