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Author Topic:   Failure to Replicate
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08-28-2015 10:39 AM

A new study that is being released soon in Science discusses how reproducible 100 different studies in the field of Psychology are. The final results were not very good for the field and could possibly lead to several retractions.
According to the researchers:
Cathleen O'Grady writes:
Of the 100 original studies, 97 had results that were statistically significant; only a third of the replications, however, had statistically significant results. Around half of the replications had effect sizes that were roughly comparable to the original studies. The teams conducting the replications reported whether they considered the effect to be replicated, and only 39 percent of them said it did. These criteria suggest that fewer than half of the originals were successfully replicated.
Now, I have always heard that psychology and social science is less structured than some of the more rigorous fields, such as physics or geology, but the question is what, if any, takeaways should we find for the scientific community from these results. Should certain areas of science be required to increase repeat experiments to avoid this statistical error or should this new paradigm be applied across the board for all sciences. If it is for all sciences, what methods can be undertaken to ensure that journals print more repeat experiments and failures to replicate instead of only focusing on the "sexy" new ideas?
I was thinking either "Is it Science" or Miscellaneous, but will defer to moderator decision.
100 Psychology Experiments Repeated Less Than Half Successful

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08-28-2015 10:55 AM

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