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Author Topic:   What happened at Fatima, Portugal between May & October 2017? Six Mary appearances?
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05-17-2017 10:06 PM

I have seen descriptions of the Fatima appearances while reading about unidentified flying objects.
During one of the sightings, a super wet crowd of thousands were miraculously dried after a UFO broke through the thick rain clowds. The ground went from being very muddy and in like a minute became crusty dry.
Why was a crowd there?
Because previously private appearances of "Mary" to Lucia Dos Santos, Francisco Marto, and Jacinta Marto involved specific details describing future time and place visitations - yes, they were spoken words from the supernatural entity .
So it resulted in the 3 kids talking about the future visit, and the results included crowds forming for the hopes of being witness to the vision that might happen.
It wound up being a mass vision.
The kids were threatened by local authorities with death by boiling oil if they didn't recant their story. But they held fast.
Lucia Dos Santos live till 2005 when the 97 year old died. (Though there is a conspiracy theory around that describes the 97 year old as an imposter and not the "real Sister Lucia" )
I wonder if this evidence counts as something abnormal or just a mass hallucination. Or outright fraud.
The first thing we can do is be grateful for so many witnesses and the other thing should be gratitude for some witnesses being around for so long. The Catholic Church accepted the appearances as real back in 1930 fwiw.

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05-18-2017 5:58 AM

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