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Author Topic:   Omega 3 fatty acids: some benefits you know of (also any pet peeves?)
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10-06-2017 3:55 PM

I was just reading a book and it showed yet more benefits (as studies constantly show the fats to have) but it also spread a majorly annoying bit of bad information.

The book was Earl Mindell's New Vitamin Bible,Revised and Updated (2011).

Here were 2 of the benefits listed on page 182.



help reduce brain levels of amyloid proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Supplements of omega-3 fat docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) given to lacating mothers may save premature infants from developing mental delays. Swedish researchers found that boys who ate fish more than once a week would up with an 11 percent increase in intelligence.

The fish part always irritates me. But more on that later.

I think it was also Sweden where the evidence showed that mothers suffering stress during pregnancy (the Nazi occupation was the environmental basis of the study) gave birth to children with 10% smaller brains than those children who were born to a mother not suffering a stressful pregnancy period.

Backs up the environmental cause of mental illness (as opposed to genetic) IMO.

Psychotic disorders generally occur (especially in males) in individuals with smaller grey matter.

Among those diagnosed with so-called bipolar disorder , Omega 3 fatty acid levels make a big difference in symptoms according to studies.

But it seems that pregnant mothers Omega-3 levels determine a lot about the future child's potential condition as well.

Vitamin D and Omega 3 levels seem to have a lot to do with elderly dementia (as well as aluminum levels) according to studies.

Ditto for depression.

Ditto for psychotic mental illness.

The failure to recognize any of the above (as far as medical practice and prescriptions are concerned) is really criminal in my opinion. Children are forced to take mental medication and it causes trauma which severely stunts brain growth, and makes "psychotic" mental illness what it is frankly. Honestly. They are often in prison as adults and forced on medication there as well. You will regularly find prisoners who are forced on medication and will tell you they were (for example) "since the age of 9" or "since the age of 15". I have talked to many who are out of prison but parole requirements require the forced medication to continue.

Dr. Peter Bregin is involved in many legal battles to keep children from being forced to take traumatic Electric Convulsive Treatment (ECT).

But now to the common claim that only animal products contain EPA and DHA.

From the same book.



Not all omega-3 fatty acids are the same. EPA and DHA ...are a unique component of fish and fish oils. ALA ..., found in plant sources ...works more slowly because it needs to be converted by the body into EPA and DHA in order for the body to make use of it.

Something like 2% or 5% of the Canola Oil fats get converted to DHA so you have to drink a lot of oil to get the bio available omega 3 fatty acids.

But, the fact of the matter is that algae (sea weed!) are the ultimate source of the fish Omega 3 levels, and they have the DHA and EPA fats that the fish get.

And academic studies have been done to look at the real issue: what a person's levels of the fats are AND WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN EATING.

Some studies also look at health results.

The real issue should be what levels of Omega-3 a person has and whether Algae supplements of Omega 3 fatty acids (like pills) can get them there.

Just like:

The real issue should be what a person's Vitamin D levels are (mental health operations should be shut down if that isn't an issue - in fact it should be THE ISSUE, but it never is one at all) and what gets them to certain levels.

Then a look at the health benefits.

Regardless, studies show that algae supplements bring benefits very much on par with fish supplements.


What do you think about Omega 3 fatty acids?

What studies have caught your attention?

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10-07-2017 9:46 AM

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