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Author Topic:   Is homosexuality a genetic mutation?
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06-03-2005 3:52 PM

My sister is a homosexual. She has always been such from very early childhood. I love her dearly. She told me once that it is not by choice she is gay but that it is simply her. We do not wake up and decide to be hetero, or homosexual. Some argue that it is behavioral and some argue it is genetic.

Studies of PET scans of hetero and homosexual brains have shown there is a difference in the physical make up of the brain in both. And now today I see on the news that a gene in the fruit fly has been linked to homosexuality.

I for one believe that it is indeed once and for all settled that it is linked to our genes. But if this is the case then how can this faction of our society be condemned to hell, and not allowed the same rights as heterosexuals?

Does God condemn them at birth? And do we as a society have the right to condemn them for being what they were born to be?

This is my question... coffee house? or where ever or can it.

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06-15-2005 2:47 PM
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06-03-2005 3:52 PM

rejected for now
It's an interesting question but I just feel we have more than enough threads on the subject.

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