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Author Topic:   The Trinity
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05-18-2006 4:59 PM

Up until now I've always had a problem with the concept of the trinity. I am still not sure that I fully comprehend it.
My personal perspective on the trinity is that there are three persons equal in authority and power made of the same substance and forming one God head: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit.
My questions are this:
1) Does each of these three persons have a seperate free will and consciousness? Do they each have a seperate soul?
2) If the three each have a seperate consciosness, then is there a fourth wich is the collective consciosuness of the three? Is there a collective person that is the three persons combined?
3) Does God exist in the trinity simply because that is the way it is or did God chose to be a trinity?
4) Was God always a trinity or did God become a Trinity at one point?
I assume that if 3 is choice and 4 is became that means God could make decisions across time.
5) Does each member of the trinity have a specific purpose that was there since eternity past?
Such as
1. The Father creates.
2. The Son redeems.
3. The holy spirit sanctifies.
I would really like an answer to my questions, ones that are based on scripture.
This should probably go in Bible Study.

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05-18-2006 5:16 PM

Thread copied to the The Trinity thread in the Bible Study forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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