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Author Topic:   Louisiana Governor Candidates Support Teaching of Creationism
Bill Birkeland
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10-29-2003 1:45 PM

I was in Louisiana for a geological meeting. While at the meeting, I learned that one of the candidates for governor in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, supports the teaching of creationism in Louisiana schools.

the mention of this that I can find about it in news articles are:

1. Commentary > The Monitor's View
from the October 27, 2003 edition
The South surprises again

"He's a convert to Christianity,
wants the Ten Commandments displayed
in public, opposes abortion in all
cases, and supports teaching
creationism in schools."

Also, it appears that the other candidate supports the teaching of creationism in schools.

2. Jindal talks biotech, biography to
tough audience: high school students
By ADAM NOSSITER, The Associated Press
10/21/2003, 6:53 p.m. CT

"Nor did the college biology major do
much teaching. He didn't address a
subject of controversy related to the
classroom that has touched his own campaign
- his support for "creationism," the
doctrine that calls into question
evolution. His Democratic rival Kathleen
Blanco has taken a similar position on
the matter."

A final article is:

3. Jindal not typical candidate for Louisiana
governorship, 10/25/03, ADAM NOSSITER,
Associated Press, The Birmingham News

"A fervent Roman Catholic convert, he has
embraced the views of Louisiana's largest
voting bloc, white conservatives: opposition
to abortion with no exceptions; rejection of
gun control; promotion of religion in public life;
hostility to affirmative action and questioning
of evolution and tolerance for creationism.


Bill Birkeland

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