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Author Topic:   THE BIBLE CAN be more accurate than a c/e site
Brad McFall
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10-05-2002 2:16 PM

I give up. If anyone followed Joe's and Mine coincidental posting on the c/e NET site called "No Answers in Genesis" it may come as a suprise to realize THAT NO MATTER WHAT ONE READS FROM/IN the BIBLE (take the give and take between me an Anne as an example if one does not already have one)Using a Natural Materialism with Information proper to creation or evolution and trying to show how either ON A MATERIAL BASIS othogenesis or neophenogenesis can point to answers orginally in the Bible that are not longer considered such in the space of the talk taken over by evolutionary hermenutics that this can only be humorous. The joke would be fine if the serious recongized the cartoon it could in image be but when the administrator makes some decision that is PUBLICALLY informing the site participants this reflects some kind of ignorance that can not be in the BIBLE as I have read it in it most inaccurate form. For instance trying to see if one is able to think within an evolutionary frame of mind from Micah to Jerimaih WITHOUT becoming interested in reading the New Testament.

This kind of bad publicity for any c/e on NO ANSWERS may be addressed by simply createing an electronic button that shows as say with MSN's hotmail HOW MUCH BANDWIDTH remains for the contributor. This way the entire BIBLE does not need to go into the words when not the program of every c/e post.

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