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Author Topic:   Noah's Ark volume calculation
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11-30-2008 11:45 PM

I have two questions for creationists out there with regards to the size of the Ark (specifically volume).
The constants according to my understanding of The Bible (correct me if I'm wrong) are:
a) It has to be big enough to house two (male and female) of each of every single species that has ever existed on Earth, including the dinosaurs, and some error margin for any species we haven't actually discovered yet, or has become extinct since.
b) It must also contain enough food and water to last 40 days (40 days is right I think).
c) It must contain some form of separation between the animals, presumably so they wouldn't eat each other (i.e fences, cabins, etc).
So my questions are:
a) Has anyone actually done this calculation? If not - can anyone tell me (approximately) how many different types of species have ever existed (that we know of) and their approximate size (in cubic centimeters). I'm going for an approximate here - perhaps dividing the different species into different volume brackets(e.g. < 1 cubic meter, 1 to 10 cubic meters, >10 cubic meters).
b) Does it fit with the measurements specified in The Bible?
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12-01-2008 8:10 AM

Thread copied to the Noah's Ark volume calculation thread in the The Bible: Accuracy and Inerrancy forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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