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Author Topic:   Wish You Were Here
Member (Idle past 3701 days)
Posts: 4659
From: Scotland
Joined: 10-22-2002

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08-02-2003 7:50 AM

Just a quick 'postcard' to say hello to all my friends at EVCForum.

I am in London for almost two weeks and I managed to borrow a laptop for a wee while.

The weather is fantastic and plenty of beer to drink!

See you all soon, bye for now

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 Message 2 by mark24, posted 08-02-2003 8:24 AM Brian has not yet responded

Member (Idle past 3937 days)
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From: UK
Joined: 12-01-2001

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08-02-2003 8:24 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Brian
08-02-2003 7:50 AM

Welcome to Londinium! You certainly brought the weather with you .


Occam's razor is not for shaving with.

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 Message 1 by Brian, posted 08-02-2003 7:50 AM Brian has not yet responded

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 Message 3 by Coragyps, posted 08-02-2003 8:31 PM mark24 has not yet responded

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From: Snyder, Texas, USA
Joined: 11-12-2002

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08-02-2003 8:31 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by mark24
08-02-2003 8:24 AM

I may be over late in September to install the Younger Daughter at UCL for the year. I'll buy you both a pint if I find you.

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 Message 2 by mark24, posted 08-02-2003 8:24 AM mark24 has not yet responded

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