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Author Topic:   'Post Random Ramblings' Icon
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08-12-2003 11:57 AM

We should really have a "Post Random Ramblings" icon so some of our correspondents here could make it look like they are engaging others in conversation while merely spouting unformed notions. This would put one or two paragraphs from a respondent's post in quote boxes, but leave the rambler free to indulge his or her fertile imagination without feeling constrained by the obligation to engage in real discussion. Perhaps we could also note that the post is a ramble and not a request for feedback. This may save people the time and effort of forming reasonable responses to the rambler, who shouldn't be expected to return such consideration in kind.

I'd hate for purveyors of incoherent babble like xxdeadmnwalkinxx to feel the need to interact constructively with anyone who may respond to their posts by mistake.

{edited to format link with culprit's name}
En la tierra de ciegos, el tuerto es el Rey.

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