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Author Topic:   Vent your frustration here
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07-19-2007 8:31 PM

We've all either been dealt with unfairly or think that we have at some point on this forum by one or multiple members.

This thread is about getting back in touch with those who have wronged us, and t make amends for the things we shouldn't have said.

Bitch, moan, and wail... Kicking and screaming the whole way through. BUT (and its a very big "but," as you can see), ALL of the forum rules apply.

If and when you describe some past instances where you feel that you've been unfairly criticized, please remember to follow the rules or Administrator will come in to keep order. (That includes suspensions, and possibly bannings). But that is all dependent upon each of us.

Since this is a very, very broad topic, I don't see being OT a problem, though I suppose the possibility exists. In any case, for the Admins, please pay attention to the content.

To the posters, even though this thread is to vent and I expect it to get heated, lets try not sling mud.

Well I have just about had with this forum. It seems many people, my last thread is a perfect example, can say what ever they want, at anytime they want.

Whether we like it or not, lying is not a rule at EvC. And as much as it ticks you off that someone would be so daft, there is nothing much to do about it. Not to worry though. Anyone who does this quickly discredits themselves.

You seem to get angry at your detractors to the point where you lose your own cool. You know what I say when people are debating dishonestly and mean-spirited?

I say, go ahead. Let out as much line as they want. You keep your composure and you'll see how they'll hang themselves. You don't need to hang anyone. They'll hang themselves every time.

Everytime I bring up a valid subject, it always turns into the riverrat hates gays thread, which is a total bunch of BS.

Because they're playing you like a fiddle. They do it because they know what button to push. They've exposed your soft underbelly and are now feverishly trying to discredit you, because by discrediting you, they feel as though they've elevated themselves. My suggestion: Stop giving them the rope for you to hang yourself on.

I have not brought anything on myself either. I have just stated the truth. If people can't handle the truth, then do not speak with me. Some people actually understand me, so I know it is not me.

You seem genuine to me, Riv. I believe your sincerity. Your argument makes perfect sense to me, but hey, maybe because in many ways we are like-minded. But some people truly can't fathom your rationale. You know why?

Think of it like this: You ever meet those guys or gals that are really, really jealous? They won't let their significant other out of their sight for even a New York minute. And this is completely mystifying behavior for the other person. Why do you suppose their mate acts like this? We're they born excessively jealous? We're they trampled on in previous relationships? Or are they that way because that's how they are, secretly, and that's all they know?

They only know what its like to be them. And these jealous types are jealous because they are conniving, manipulating hypocrites who do the very thing they fear will happen to them.

Now, why did I mention that?

Is it because your detractors claim that you hate, when in reality, its they who hate? And in fact, they are incapable of distinguishing the hate the sin, the love the sinner rationale because they could never bring themselves to understanding that?

So, what am I saying? I'm saying that you need to take it in stride. Remember that we're not playing by the same rules. Stop letting them get you worked up in to a frenzy.

If the admins are to do their jobs, then this should just not be tolerated, and anyone going off-topic in that vane, should face an immediate suspension.

I was going to suspend you, Berberry, and Dan the other day for content. The only reason I didn't was because Percy seemed to be very patient with every one. I didn't want to step on his toes. But after a lot of restraint, from ALL the Admins, Berberry and Dan were just egging it on.

I do not hate gays, and I am tired on being accused of it.

Do you think I like it? And I'm much more vocal and specific about it. I know I don't hate gays, because I don't anyone! I may not personally like someone, and you are entitled to such, but I don't have it in me to hate a thing.

Its no fun being misrepresented. But come to that realization that its going to happen. So they're angry to the point of chewing their own face off.... What's new?

And if things get worse, you can always leave. But leave for the right reasons, and only leave because after you've given it some considerable thought.

I've been thinking about leaving a lot lately. I'm of the belief that, even though they mock me now, I have planted enough seeds that a few will flourish, even if the rest wither and die. And then its off to a new field to spread the Word where the same thing will happen.

If you don't do it for them, then do it for the lurkers who are watching the dialogue unbeknownst to us.

"The problem of Christianity is not that it has been tried and found wanting, but that it is difficult and left untried" -G.K. Chesterton

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07-19-2007 8:33 PM

Thread copied to the Vent your frustration here thread in the Coffee House forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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