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Author Topic:   Why Evolution is False
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06-10-2003 11:04 PM

All of them expose the Truth about Evolution but I'm sure you'll deny them all no matter what they say.

Evolutionists on the Verge of Distinction

Why do Evolutionist ignore the studies of Zuckerman?

10 Reasons Evolution is Wrong

Why Evolution is Wrong:








Something Interesting:
Now about evolution. It goes against logic. Let me ask you a question. If you were walking down the street and you found an fully functional computer just sitting there on the side of the path, what would you believe about it? Would you believe that it just happened by random chance or that it had a creator who not only designed it but built it? Of course you would know that someone designed it and built it, because it would be impossible for it to just appear by random chance.

Now go look in the mirror. Do you realize that what you see is a trillion times more complex than the most powerful computer man has ever made? Yet evolution would have you believe it (you) were not designed or built by anyone, you just happened by random chance. Not only are they claiming that one fully functioning computer happened by random chance but two did, since they were able to recreate themselves sexually and that takes two at least.

Evolution uses time as the great equalizer. What I mean is that they claim evolution too billions of years. That makes it so slow that we can't possible expect to see any evidence in our lives. Okay, here is another logic question for you. Take a watch, any watch and carefully take every part apart and put them in a paper bag. Now you know that when you started you had a working watch. You know that all the parts are there and you know that they all fit together. Now close the bag and start shaking it. How long would it take before you would have a completely functioning watch again? All the parts are there already, you know they fit, you know they work, so how long before it randomly puts itself back together and starts working. I won't even make you wait until it randomly sets its own time correctly, just until it starts working again. How about a year? How about a hundred years? How about 4.3 billion years? Do you see my point? Random chance is not going to put all the correct parts back together yet evolution wants you to believe that is what happened and they did not even start with one (much less all) of the right pieces. The billion years are just to fool you.

Notice that I have not used the Bible once yet? That is because evolution is illogical. I don't need the Bible to disprove it. Evolution takes more blind faith to believe than the Bible ever will, yet many people blindly believe it and refuse to even look at the Bible.

Look at all the flowers on a spring day. Look at all the different kinds and colors, etc... They all randomly come from the same primordial ooze we did? Nice how evolution with no intelligent mind behind it made bees to cross pollinate the plants don't you think? Since evolution claims that only the strongest and wises of species will evolve (survival of the fittest) aren't we lucky that some managed to survive just so we more advanced species could eat them? Good thing plants are stupid and evolved into edible things too. Evolution would dictate that all plants become poisonous so that they are not eaten, but boy I'm glad most of the plants did not think of that.

I am not trying to make fun of what you believe, I am just trying to show you that logically what you believe is wrong. You can't have it both ways. You can't claim there is not intellect behind what happens and yet claim that things happened in a logical intelligent way. If evolution is true and that is why some animals evolved into poisonous animals, then why not all of them? If that had happened all life would have died!! Yet evolution would at least have proved itself.

There are countless more examples I could give you. For example; did you know that there are petrified trees standing straight up in the layers of the Grand Cannon? That means that the tree which is doing so must have existed for millions of years, because it is standing in and through millions of years of layers of earth. Of course another possibility is that it died standing up and was buried quickly in those layers as they settled out after a great flood. Oh, but that would mean those layers are not really millions of years old.

And some more:

The Origin of Matter

Objections of the Doctrine of Evolution


Creation is supported by more Scientific Facts than Evolution

Okay, I'll let you take a break.
There are more on the way, rest assured

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06-11-2003 12:24 AM
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