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Author Topic:   For evolutionist: how evolution make...
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09-17-2009 9:42 AM

(I am not good in English expect grammar errors ;P)
How can a single-cell organism have long lifespan?(single-cell organism must live long or they will easily go instinct)
How can it make skeleton like our skeleton?
How can we have lungs if we are from water?
How can it make a very complex anatomy, like our brain, our Eyes?, heart(single celled organism dont have a heart), skeletal system, and digestive system?

If we evolve to live, why do we have tounge(what is its need? it cant detect poison)?
We dont evolve from those things* GOD designed us. God gave us brain to think of His creation or Him. God gave eyes to see His creation the flowers(plant dont need it but why is it there?) and the stars, our tounge to taste the delicious fruits(plants dont need it too),and our internal organ.

Even you saw it that there is a great designer of this perfect world, our body, tress, animals, and insects. you dont recognise God, instead your own evolution, you didnt even thank god for making oxygen and combining Oxygen and hydrogen to make water(how water is form?).And if you ask how God create this all things, God is powerful He can do all things.

Thank You for reading. please answer the questions.

*I say those things buried in rock layers are cause by the Genisis Flood.

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 Message 2 by AdminNosy, posted 09-17-2009 2:15 PM CarlZienaTo has not yet responded

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09-17-2009 2:15 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by CarlZienaTo
09-17-2009 9:42 AM

welcome to EvC
Welcome here Christbearer11.

I'm glad you want to carry on a conversation and learn some things. However, we do try to keep each thread here focused on one topic. There is simple too much in your opening post (OP) to allow for a clean, focused discussion.

I suggest you can do one of a number of things:
You can edit your OP and reduce your questions to just one. You might then do some search of EvC to see if there is a thread on the topic and put your questions there.

You can spend some time browsing here and asking focused questions in individual threads.

You do need to learn a lot about biology. You have so little knowledge of the topic that it will be a very, long slow process for you to learn here in question and answer mode. You would do well to read some very introductory biology texts or popular science books.

You last 4 questions have an easy and obvious answer:
Populations of organisms can change over time through an enormously wasteful and messy process of trying many trillions of different things and throwing away 99.999 % of them immediately and then throwing 99% of what is left over a period of time.

We have direct, clear evidence of the process life has followed for each of those questions. However, for you to understand the answers you need a lot more background.

If you are happy to take the many months it would take here you might be pleasantly surprised to find how many people are willing to help. You will however have to have an open mind and work hard at understanding.

If you already know that the answer is God did it through magic and nothing will change your mind as to how God did (even while still knowing that He did indeed do it) then you are wasting your time here.

As for your genesis flood comment. The facts clearly show that it could not have done what we observe. There is a whole section of EvC with many threads about geology and the supposed flood. You should read some over and make your comments there.

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 Message 1 by CarlZienaTo, posted 09-17-2009 9:42 AM CarlZienaTo has not yet responded

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