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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Proven phenomena?
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07-02-2010 11:18 PM

It drives me nuts when a poster makes sweeping statements and assertions and then fails to back them up with evidence or even discussion.
One of our newbies has presented a list of purported phenomena that he claims
have been thoroughly proven to occur.
Unexplained Phenomena:
The Placebo Effect
The Sixth Sense
Near Death Experience
UFO's/USO's - Unidentified Flying/Submerged Objects
Dj Vu (Memory illusion)
The Big Bang (Origin of the Universe)
Mammatus Clouds
Non-aqueous Rain
St Elmo’s Fire
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Unexplained Disappearances
Bermuda Triangle
The Hum
Psychic Phenomena (esp, remote viewing, telepathy, clairvoyance or telekinesis)
Naga Fireballs
Blue Jets and Red Sprites
Earthquake Lights
Relationship between brain and body
Capacity (psychic and spiritual)
Electronic Voice Phenomenon
The Sirius Mystery (as well as other ancient cosmology knowledge not visible from Earth)
Tunguska Explosion
Charles E. Peck (Chatsworth crash)
A couple of these were addressed in that thread, but I think they need further examination. I would like this to address any support for their existence and/or inexplicability. Unfortunately Practical prodigy may not be willing. Maybe no one else feels as Practical Prodigy does about all of these but I venture to guess that some share his beliefs about at least some of these.
I do not think these are unexplainable phenomena. Some I believe do not even exist. Therefore, I and the other skeptics here will be looking to be convinced that these phenomena exist and/or that there is no rational explanation for those that do exist.
Ideally Practical Prodigy would further develop why he feels the way he does about these "phenomena". In the absence of that maybe others will.
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07-03-2010 7:52 AM

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