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Author Topic:   archaeology and evolution
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08-15-2010 7:59 PM

please put this in a non-scientific forum so that i can continue to participate in its discussion.
i am involved in another forum who has a thread titled like this, unfortunately the people responding to it are not very educated and do not know what they are talking about. so i will make an initial post in notation forum to get things started.
abstract: archaeology proves the Bible not evolution true and accurate.
1. the amarna, ugarite and other ancient tablets provide the names of the patriarchs (though not speaking of the patriarchs themselves) were in use at the time the Bible records them.
2. the price of selling joseph as a slave in Gen. 37 (20 shekals) was the correct price of that time. proven true by KA Kitchen a well respected egyptologist by both christian andnon-christian scholars and archaeologist.
3. every nation has a flood or creation story. if creation and the flood did not happen then they would not have such stories nor would most of them be similar to the Genesis flood or creation.
if evolution were true we would be finding evolutionary tales, bedtime stories, myths in the ancient records along with tales of intermediary species, and so on. there are NONE anywhere in the world. the earliest recorded evolutionary idea was found in 6th century BC china (after the flood by bill cooper) long after the very ancient civilizations died out or were in the process of changing.
Hebrew national tradition excels all others in its clear picture of tribal and family origins. In Egypt, and Babylonia, in Assyria and Pheonicia, in Greece and Rome we look in vain for anything comparable. There is nothing like it in the tradition of the Germanic peoples. Neither India nor China can produce anything similar, since their earliest historical memories are literary deposits of distorted dynastic traditions, with no trace of herdsman or peasnt behind the demigod or king with whom their records begin...In contrast with these other peoples the Israelites preserved anunusually clear picture of simple beginnings, of complex migrations, and of extreme vicissitudes...
{Albright, p. 1, The Biblical period from Abraham to Ezra}
5. the moabite stone, the merneptah stele and other monuments, mss. and historical evidence that places the israelites as a nation in the historical reference at the time the Bible records. {Lost treasures of the Bible by Fant and reddish and other sources by different authors}
6. the non-Israeli nations, with their correct rulers in their correct times are accurate as recorded in the Bible and proven true by archaeological discoveries and exploration. (see the magazines:Bible and Spade, BAR, Archaeological Odyssey, Bibilical Archaeologist and Bible Review; and many, many books on the subject for details)
7. the historical Jesus is not disputed by any reputable scholar and we have extra-biblical references to Him and His followers from ancient historians. (Habermas- The Historical Jesus and other sources by different authors)
8. NO eyewitness accounts from Jesus and His disciples contemporary eneimes providing evidence that what they disciples wrote in the Bible is false.
9. no record form the soldeirs standing guard that the ressurrection did not take place as recorded in the Bible.
10 no pharisaical work from that time disputes the NT acounts nor the OT for that matter.
11. NO ancient record disputing one thing about the OT and its interactions with other nations. Silence is not refutation nor disputing. the Egyptians are well known to alter their own history (RK Harriosn in Old Testament Times and other sources by different authors) tomake themselves look good.
12. no proof that the Israelites copied from other nations though the Old Babylonians were known to do that (Mesopotamia and the Bible ed. by Chavalas and Younger pg. 163)
and so much more. YET in all of the discoveries and in all of the research, digging, and investigation not one word about evolution or its existence is found.
now the argument that the ancients could not discover evolution because it did not have the tools, or the intellect or whatever, just doesn't hold water. these are people who accomplished much in their life times, constructing buildings that lasted 4,000 or more years, without modern tools made them exactly square, had the Pythagorium Theorum 2,000 years before Pythagorius, did excellent dental work, had flush toilets, hot and cold running water and much much more. (Return to Sodom and Gomorrah by Pelligrino andother sources by different authors).
you would think that with that kind of intelligence they would know how to figure out if creation was true or not then leave written documentation to record their findings for future generations (babylonians were known to leave time capsules for future generations- Ibid Pelligrino)and guess what not one ancient civilization questioned creation or the flood.
let's hear your well reasoned and fact filled responses.
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 Message 2 by Admin, posted 08-15-2010 8:26 PM archaeologist has not replied

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08-15-2010 8:26 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by archaeologist
08-15-2010 7:59 PM

Hi Archaeologist!
This doesn't really fit neatly into any single forum category, and it isn't the questioning of the rules of science that I was expecting, so I'm going to put this in Free For All. There's no moderation over there (hence the name), so take care.

EvC Forum Director

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 Message 1 by archaeologist, posted 08-15-2010 7:59 PM archaeologist has not replied

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08-15-2010 8:26 PM

Thread Copied to Free For All Forum
Thread copied to the archaeology and evolution thread in the Free For All forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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