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Author Topic:   GLEE should speak for itself (for the spam can't)
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04-22-2011 2:45 AM

What is all the people complaining about the middle of the season glee box set to come out $ 20? First of all, there are companies making a profit, not kiss your ass, so stop being so upset and shocked when they do something that makes sense. Secondly, he prefers to wait for 6-8 + months to see the entire peace glee dvd, or if you prefer to get half and half later, now? I certainly appreciate that we do not make you wait for the shooting is complete before you can start watching, I work random hours and completely ignored the episodes recording some punch, and why I only watch from beginning to end, would make me sad if the only other option was to wait several months for the entire period.

People can be as petulant children when it comes to issues of "Gimme now I want everything now! How dare supernatural box set you keep me waiting."Is it really too much to ask people to be content, no immediate gratification, for fear of apeshiz? I think both benefit consumers and businesses of this agreement.And people seriously? You will hear a television series on the number of disks are in it? supernatural dvd Are not supposed to be more critical about the quality of the program? In addition ... I can not believe that so many people are surprised to see that the entire season are not ... did not think they have stopped spinning at the same time that the last episode is a preview, and that the title says

"bones dvd: Season Two, Volume One" ... the denominator is a volume, and any moderately intelligent person should assume that there are at least half.navy NCIS box set is still strong in the second season :-) It's a show full of energy, good music, dance, plot and a cast of wonderful characters.I the new football coach to be added to the exhibition is a treasure cast.Sue a great addition to Sylvester, I still laughed out loud,what a great job he did as the Grinch in the holiday episode. The whole cast is amazing. The only negative point is the first season on DVD. I learned my lesson and I bought "The Road to modular", which was half of season 1 ... left me wanting more. I also learned more when the complete season 1 DVD came out it was cheaper. So I'll wait and see it all and save some money. I also hope that the evaluations were not due to the lower half of the season because he sees in himself. Perhaps the powers that be, you must wait like any other series and await the end of the season and then see the ratings to go up in the product ...entourage box set Finally, the fool twice, shame on you ... Indeed.


Glee rocks, and all the whiners, you can go a long walk on a short pier. desperate housewives dvd Be thankful that you do not have to wait until June (or whenever the release of the season).

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