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Author Topic:   What bothers me abbout the evolution of Man
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12-02-2011 7:48 AM

Even though i do believe in evolution its the only thing that makes sense there is one thing our brain size or our brain power.
How did our brains get so overpowering. Even the brain power of a goldfish is astounding a few cells of brain matter and you can actually train a goldfish. If we go closer to us in evolution and look at some of our living relatives like the chimps their brains are complex and their size is about half of human brains their brainpower is astounding they can communicate with humans via sign language they can grasp mathematics preform complex tasks. Our brains on the other hand go off the charts. Why did we evolve so much brainpower how was such a over boost helpful to a society that used speers and farmed and gathered for food. Why did brains that can understand the basic laws that govern our universe evolve in a society whose basic needs where food sleep and procreate. And their basic understandings where fire hot, speer pointy mammoth food.

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12-02-2011 8:29 AM

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