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Author Topic:   creative webcamera solution (failed spamming attempt)
chijioke jude 
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08-24-2012 7:10 PM

’Revue Of Record From Webcam’. The beauty of this Recording Software is that when downloaded it is compatible with any Webcam,USB Camera or indeed any Windows compatible Capture Device and also Network Internet Cameras.It will broadcast Online MPEG-4 also MP3 audio at upto 30 frames per second.It can support multiple Webcams and can Synchronize streaming and recording from multiple cameras.Some of its other features are as follows. 1) Secure transmission,2) Sound Broadcast,3) Time stamp on recorded video 4) Manual control of the cameras Pan,Tilt and Zoom,5) It will record video clips that are protected by a secret word and also records after movement is detected. Playback of video can be activated remotely, Applications can be executed upon system alert and Motion Detection Area can be defined.The number of people viewing can be limited and the program has a very comprehensive scheduler.When program is fully hidden a Stealth Mode can be activated.This software can be run with Windows Service enabling the program to be launched without the user being logged on and indeed without any human intervention at all. The items required for this system are Microsoft Windows,Intel Pentium CPU,10 GB of hard drive space,2 GBs of Memory,Colour Moniter and a Pointing Device i,e Mouse or other. Click here for futher detail

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