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Author Topic:   Have some scientists been too fanatical?
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11-14-2012 3:32 AM

Hi, I am a christian. Some of you automatically hate me or have instantly stereotyped me as a fool who believes in santa claus and such. I would also agree that if I said I was an aethiest, some would also stereotype me or possibly hate me. I find both to be both morally and intellectually wrong.
I feel that a phenomenon is occuring where more and more people are lashing out against christians. I also feel that a lot of christians have provoked this by ignorant arguments and a self righteous attitude. I know from self experience that a lot of times I want to tell someone trying to represent what the bible says and more importantly what it means to just stop talking. I can see why many feel the need to vigorously voice their opinions. However, I feel that many from the scientific community have trouble calling them for what they are, opinions...I feel this is a big mistake because if anyone should call fact a fact and opinions or theories for what they are it should be scientists.
With so many citizens priding themselves these days to be keeping up with the cutting edge of science, I feel that its the scientists responsibilty to delicately put why they feel that a god must not exist. This is just how I feel about people that portray themselves as authorities in theism should delicatly present their beliefs.
Reguarding the big bang, I feel that there has to be a massive amount of speculation to arrive at a position that that was almost positively the way our universe began or took shape as we now see it. Also to imply that God can not be real is just as far fetched as believing in a singularity for many people on both sides of the spectrum. After all, No one has seen this singularity only what they believe to be evidence of it. The same can be said for a lot of christians reguarding God. I personally have never seen God or heard his voice yet I believe based on my personal interpretation of data and life experience, not blind faith. I understand that scientists seek to explain as much as they can through scientific method but arent they using a bit too much philosophy too these days.
Some people are so passionate and vocal about their great understanding of the universe and why there must not be any god, that they remind me of the fanatics holding signs and damning people to hell. My question is if anyone is embarassed by some scientific authorities on how they've handled their opinions just like I am embarassed by some christians and their opinions.
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11-14-2012 11:33 AM

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