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Author Topic:   Ring of Fire Eclipse -- streaming video -- April 29 0517 GMT
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04-28-2014 12:53 PM

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse: Live Webcast | IFLScience
A little late to book your trip.
On Tuesday, April 29 at 0517 GMT, the moon will begin to eclipse the sun in the first of two total solar eclipses set to happen this year. When the moon is directly between the sun and the Earth, only the edges of the sun will be visible, resembling a ring of fire.
The best view of the eclipse will be a small D-shaped 500 km2 region in Antarctica, though a partial eclipse will be visible to many Australians. Those living in Perth will see about 55% of the sun eclipsed, while those in Sydney will see about 50%.
Read more at Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse: Live Webcast | IFLScience

This will be from low satellite orbit ...

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