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Author Topic:   If evolution is true, where did flying creatures come from?
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09-26-2014 10:26 PM

Think about it. Say we have a species that has never flown before, and has absolutely no instincts about how to fly. One day one of this species is born/hatched with flaps similar to wings. How would it know that it could use these flaps to glide/fly? And even if it did, it would not know how to fly, and its attempts at flight would probably either kill it or attract predators. And flying squirrels, how would they know to glide? Lets say we have a squirrel born with half developed flaps that do not allow flight, it decides to jump out of a tree, splat! Now we wait 1,000,000+ years for another wing flap squirrel to appear! This is my opinion, but i would like to hear yours! Any evidence FOR OR AGAINST evolution/creation of birds and flying creatures is appreciated!

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09-27-2014 8:01 AM

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