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Author Topic:   Dembski on Fundamentalism
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06-01-2016 5:20 PM

Now that he has left Southwestern Seminary, William Dembski can be open about his Old Earth beliefs again - since he is no longer in danger of being forced out of his job. (Yes, he would have been Expelled)

He has some scathing words, and while his mentions of the situation at Baylor are slanted at the very least, I think that there is more truth in what he says about the Fundamentalists - as he uses the term.

Disillusion with Fundamentalism

I think the attitude described here will seem familiar:

Fundamentalism, as I’m using it, is not concerned with any doctrinal position, however conservative or traditional. What’s at stake is a harsh, wooden-headed attitude that not only involves knowing one is right, but refuses to listen to, learn from, or understand other Christians, to say nothing of outsiders to the faith. Fundamentalism in this sense is a brain-dead, soul-stifling attitude. I see it as a huge danger for evangelicals.

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06-01-2016 7:57 PM

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