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Author Topic:   Is Tithing an ancient Israelite law ALONE or is it a post-Easter law too?
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09-23-2018 8:35 PM

Tithing is the issue.

I did a google search.

The fundi Christian Research Institute came up on my 1 page of google searches.

As a non Christian, who studies scripture, I have had a fair amount of experience with reading fundamentalist Protestant sites. I have come across the CRI before.

I find twisting of scripture to be common on this site (a typical feature of both fundamentalist Protestants and Roman Catholics who find the actual Jesus, Paul, and James to be irrelevant to their modern readings).

I expected to 100% disagree with everything I read.

But, the article actually had some independent thought, and didn't attempt to completely fit the New Testament scripture (through twisting selective scriptures while ignoring other scriptures) into popular doctrines.


(The article ignored the fact that Paul ONLY collected money to send to the Jerusalem Ebionites/Nazarenes, and the issue of private property/posessions being outlawed wasn't touched, BUT THAT IS EXPECTED, so I will try to get away from all of those pesky "1st century issues" that modern European Protestants find distasteful and disruptive to their post-modern scriptural interpretations)

Actually, I need to stay on 2 Corinthians 8:1-9:15 being FOR THE JERUSALEM JEWISH CHRISTIANS, but I wanted to stay away from the actual 1st century Paul.

Even Athur Peake knew the collection was for Jerusalem.


"2 Corinthians collection for Jerusalem" was put into Bing and it seems like the knowledge of the donation being for James & Jerusalem is fairly common, though the CRI article ignored it.

But back to the 21st century fundamentalist Christian readings.

Are you a church attending Christian?

What is "the view" that tickles your preacher? I mean to understand, not to be sarcastic btw.

Do you have friends that attend church? What does their preacher teach about tithing?

The CRI article had the author author saying that he disagreed with the mighty Walter Martin (who was past leader of the CRI,while the current leader of the CRI has Martin's same view as well), who said the tithing was a post-Easter requirement of Christians, though there was a lot of nuance among the author in formulating his own position.

Do you have a view that differs - to any extent - with church authorities?

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09-24-2018 10:47 AM

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