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Author Topic:   How similar are phylogenetic trees?
Jerry Johnson
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06-20-2020 6:32 AM

Hi all,

I read that phylogenetic trees are one of the strongest evidence of evolution, because we get a very similar trees for different genes and proteins. But I can't find anywhere ANY concrete/specific numbers. How many phylogenetic trees where constructed so far? 1000? 50,000? a million? How similar are they to one another? 99%? 95%? 80%?

I would really like to see some numbers, where can I find them?

I'm asking this because I came across a video claiming that phylogenetic trees do NOT support evolution:

Is Homology Evidence for Evolution? | Long Story Short

So, if you have some numbers it will really help.


(I wanted to ask this in the "Biological Evolution" forum but I got a message telling me that I can post only here)

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06-20-2020 9:19 AM

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