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Author Topic:   The Vaccines cometh!
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12-09-2020 6:54 PM

Looks like we might get enough vaccines in the initial allocation to vaccinate about 0.5% of the county's population.

If we can get the same allocation every month we should be able to vaccinate everyone in the county in only six years or so.

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12-09-2020 10:19 PM

No thanks to the political class.
They prepared us not one bit for this fiscal disaster, due to lack of any facilities, medical staff, and PPR, but they sure did dish out the mask regulations - 6 months after the crisis took off - once the private sector produced enough!

And the laboratory infrastructure is not capable, due to the lack of planning on the part of the political class.

Notice that not a single politician resigned over this. Not a single one.

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12-19-2020 3:18 PM

We have a new version of this virus over here, more infectious and has just locked down our Christmas. Coming your way no doubt.

No one's saying much yet about whether the vaccine will be equally effective against it yet, but it's an elephant in the room.

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