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Author Topic:   Woo-hoo! More Kent Hovind!
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04-02-2004 1:57 AM

In response to a recent hot-topic, I'd like to note that Kent Hovind's greatest strength is that he's absolutely oblivious to sensibility and he's just a perpetual sh*t machine. He has an unshakeable belief that he's the sh*t. Just listen to his radio program on his websh*t.

A debate with Hovind is like this: if you try to talk sense he'll just cut you off and pile so much sh*t on the point that you forget what the heck you were saying. Then he throws some more sh*t around for good measure "evolution is probably the duummbest theory is history... it's steewwwpid, and retarded..." He's just so full of sh*t and his mouth spews sh*t like the sh*t just hit a jet turbine. Then he sprays some sh*t at you, and you end up covered in sh*t. He'll letcha know that evolution is just a dumb theory fulla sh*t and our country is going to sh*t because evolutionism is making us think we came from sh*t so we can't take it when bad guys like terrorists or mad scientists give us sh*t. Then, when you're struggling to stay afloat in the sea of sh*t that he's filled the room with, he'll tack together something you said with something he wanted you to say to cram his own sh*t in your mouth. The Hovind-supporting audience will gobble up all this sh*t and make some sh*t of their own with it. And if that wasn't enough to make you feel like sh*t, Kent Hovind will get feedback from the audience and regurgitate their sh*t if he likes it enough. The room will become a creationist recycling sh*tter. Trust me, you don't have the sh*t it takes to debate Kent Hovind. You'll try to make a reasoned point, but the audience will be making compost out of all his sh*t by the time you're finished. They'll enshrine his sh*t in their minds, and feel lucky to have received his sh*telage. You're gonna feel like sh*t by the time you're done, and you're gonna go home still trying to knock all the sh*t out of your own head. When you get another chance to debate a creationist, you're just gonna think "sh*t happens, I don't give a sh*t."

Above, the asterisk (*) refers to "owmanship and eloquent pronouncement from the glorious pulpi", hence sh*t is shorthand for "showmanship and eloquent pronouncement from the glorious pulpit." I courteously entreat you to understand that the shorthand is for brevity, and not meant to obfuscate the content of this post.

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04-02-2004 2:15 AM

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