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Author Topic:   Evolution is meaningless
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04-17-2003 4:21 PM

I think evolution comes from the mind not from the human body. The fact that your are reading this and using your brain to interpret it proves my point.What you understand that is the truth is what you will become.I think when our human minds reach a certain level of understanding that surpasses our mental capacities the maximum that we can understand is highered by an increase in the evolution of the brain.For that matter understanding is limitless and everything is created by us.Once we have achieved the superiority of our mind we will grow biologically to conform to the new processes or demands of the new society.I also understand that the truth in this majority world is defined by majority rule.This is a handicap for it takes longer for everyone to communicate what they believe when its all determined by what others think.Think of it this way if one person with better hearing heard something in a crowd of people and he told someone it would be subjected to criticism, communication and this would lengthen the time to recieve the truth and by the time the understanding of the matter was reached a hundred new matters would have passed by.I think the more people relate the more everyone has a connection and the more people feel for things.This is proven by the love felt by two lovers who understand in non confliction about things.The stronger the connection the quicker the reaction and the more efficient it is.Think about computers if you want something for an analogy.What happens when computers reach thier potential hardware wise when they have reached thier limit.They get upgraded but computers are electronic and that is the defined difference between life and the components of life.In a way our biologically beings are more of a god then we can think of because they allow us to simply believe in everything we inspire to.I think that if their is a god or isnt doesnt really matter.What matters is the improvement of our minds and to do this by reaching a complete understanding of all things.

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 Message 3 by Brad McFall, posted 04-17-2003 5:49 PM nitsuj2480 has not replied

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04-17-2003 5:47 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by nitsuj2480
04-17-2003 4:21 PM

I think you're confusing Evolution: The Theory with Evolution: The Metaphor, as well as potentially Evolution: The Historical Account. (Next up: Evolution: The Movie! And possibly Evolution: The Flamethrower! The kids love that one.)
Evolution the theory is indeed a product of human thought. It says nothing in particular about the human body other than some explanations for its morphological function and similarity to other mammals. It's a construction of human endeavor to explain evidence left over from the historical account (the real process of whatever happened long ago).
Evolution the metaphor for change and progress is simply a word people use when a new thing is better than an old thing.
It sounds like you don't really know what evolutionary theory has to say and you're just reacting to it's use as a word in common english.
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 Message 1 by nitsuj2480, posted 04-17-2003 4:21 PM nitsuj2480 has not replied

Brad McFall
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04-17-2003 5:49 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by nitsuj2480
04-17-2003 4:21 PM

mind over matter
In my Grandfather's case this was clearly the adaptive nature of the taught teaching of evolution and the existence from his carrer as a genetics PhD. His first wife died in child birth and he insisted (in surviving correspondence) that he would to mourne this death wisht to "return" to the 'simple faith' of his parents but their mid-West Christianity was not enough in some sense for him so he moved on with the increasing Huxleyish "agnositicism". It got him a job and a new wife and pension as he adapted to his new situation but he died with an episcopal preist and him agreeing about prayer in some same sense.
This was all in the mind. He knew the body of orinithology differently. His name is Willard F. Stanley and he established a Natural History Museum at SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia NY.

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 Message 1 by nitsuj2480, posted 04-17-2003 4:21 PM nitsuj2480 has not replied

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12-23-2005 4:58 AM

i'm thinking the same. evolution is caused by our mind not our body.
from book that i have read, i may conclude that human being can goes to the higher level because his accumulation of science. than this fact show to us that human can go better because of his mind development.
human develop better than its genes's. and also maybe this caused by its instinc to survive in the place where he live.

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 Message 5 by Adminnemooseus, posted 12-23-2005 5:09 AM baikuza has not replied

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12-23-2005 5:09 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by baikuza
12-23-2005 4:58 AM

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 Message 4 by baikuza, posted 12-23-2005 4:58 AM baikuza has not replied

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12-29-2005 10:49 PM

I don't get it. What exactly is it that you are all saying about evolution?
It would seem as though none of you claiming that evolution is in our heads actually understand what evolution is!
Evolution does more commonly mean change, but not at all in the biological sense!! Biological evolution is best summed up using Darwin's exact words: "descent with modification." That is, we cannot have the change without descent. The change occurs in the next generation.
I can explain it better if you want, but I'm sure that book's been written on these forums so many times, and I'm a tad sick of writing it on so many other forums.
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