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Author Topic:   Genetic Evidence for Macroevolution
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02-12-2002 3:27 PM

A ABC news article titled Big Fast Change just popped up on this site's Science in the News webpage under the title Genetic Evidence for Evolution?... (I have no idea why the different titles in different venues). It describes how mutations to Hox genes can cause significant changes in body plan. Evolutionists cite it as further evidence in support of evolution, while Creationists dismiss it as evolution through loss of information.

I tend to side with the article's concluding comments that there is already sufficient evidence for evolution.


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 Message 2 by Minnemooseus, posted 02-12-2002 7:41 PM Percy has not yet responded

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02-12-2002 7:41 PM
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02-12-2002 3:27 PM

Percy, others - 2 previous threads have been started on this topic.

They are:

Genetic evidence of major changes in body shapes
31 messages so far, as I type this.

Big breakthrough in evolutionary biology
3 messages so far, as I type this.

#82 - Genetic evidence... was first, and has the most responces.


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 Message 1 by Percy, posted 02-12-2002 3:27 PM Percy has not yet responded

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