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Author Topic:   I need the best evidences for evolution.
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12-03-2008 7:33 PM

I need the best evidences/articles for evolution and an old universe. Google hasn't turned up the amazing results I am used to hearing on this forum. I personally am a Christian Evolutionist, and I'm in an argument with a friend, he came up with an extremely biased article on creation from and I'd like him to hear how the experts play this game (this will become a big topic I'm sure). Please bring up errancies in genesis, noahs ark, fossil evidence, lack of evidence for a litteral 6 day creation, astrological evidence, anything you know. For creationists I know most of you are not literal 6 day believers, tell him why, I personally do not dive entirely head first into evolution, I just can't believe in a 6 day creation or a laws of physics defying explanation. feel free to bash evolution i really don't care, but genesis 1 is either wrong or not literal, thats what I'm trying to support.
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12-03-2008 11:58 PM
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12-03-2008 7:33 PM

No focus in topic - besides there's an existing similar topic - Rejected
We want a more specific theme focus for our new topics - Yours lacks such focus and could go anywhere.
Oddly enough, there was another similar and equally flawed topic proposed by another W-dog a little over a month ago (Yes, I checked for evidence that the two W-dogs were the same person - Didn't find any). That one got reluctantly promoted and is still open:
"Best" evidence for evolution
This PNT is rejected, but I'll leave it open for now.

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