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Author Topic:   news
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01-11-2001 6:00 PM

Percy, I like using many of the links you supply, the science news links are great. I think that the religion news links could be more relevant. I know the site should cover different countries, etc. and there isn't much(any)science news from religious fronts, but perhaps we could have links that talk about the influence of religion in the U.S. occasionally. I've heard enough squawking recently about local level education, and realize it may be relevant because of the SCIENCE involved, but religious groups gaining more control higher up seems important too. Again,I follow your links where they may take me, but I'd like to see more issues closer to home. Thanks, Ruth
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01-12-2001 9:07 AM

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for the suggestion. The news links come from a free Internet service at">, and while I can change the major topics that I fetch news for, I can't change the focus of the specific news stories within a topic.
I see two possible solutions. 1) I could change the Internet news service I use. I don't know of any others, so you or someone will have to suggest others. It has to be free. 2) I could increase the number of news stories listed each day, which would perhaps increase the likelihood that local religion stories become included.
People should respond to this thread if they know of other services or have a suggestion for how many news stories to include every day. Right now it is set to 5.
Thanks again for the suggestion, Ruth.

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